Why your website should have responsive design

In brief words, once you make your business’ website responsive, here is the impact you should expect:

  1. Your website will be found and shown on the first page of people’s Internet search results.
  2. Your customers will stay longer on your website, learn about your business services quickly, or use your online shop easily.
Achieve these marketing goals by using the power of responsive design. The technology behind the scenes makes the magic happen:

  1. A responsive website changes the layout, automatically scaling its content and elements to the screen size on which your website is viewed.
  2. Responsive design provides user-friendly website navigation, ideal for mobile devices – no more resizing, zooming, scrolling horizontally, or other extra work for “reading” your website.
  3. It allows you to design one website for all devices, simultaneously, so that you can give up that inconsistent “mobile version” of your website.
How the power of responsive design works for your business’ bottom-line…
  1. Because of search engine algorithms, which favor the mobile-friendliness of websites, your new website will be ranked better and more easily found by your customers. The responsiveness combined with other SEO factors gives your website a big boost in search engine results.
  2. A responsive website delivers a better experience to mobile users, who then stay on your page longer. Keep in mind that: 4 out of 10 users go to a competitor’s website when they have a poor mobile experience.
  3. Your customers live the same experience on your website, no matter the device they use to get there. This increases your brand trust, which benefits your bottom line.
  4. Reduce costs and time you previously used to develop and maintain all the versions of your website for different devices.
  5. Also, one website version means that you can keep all your analytics, tracking and reporting in one place.
  6. Almost half of the companies out there still do not have a mobile responsive website. So, stay ahead of the competition, and attract those lost customers of unoptimized websites.
Responsive design delivers what it promises. Contact us to bring your website into the future!