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We have built an amazing creative team that has a
passion for innovation and an eager ability to apply their imagination to meet the needs of your business.

Runningfish was created right here in beautiful San Diego, where many businesses, big and small, have utilized us as a vital resource for their design and marketing needs. We truly capture the cutting-edge lifestyle of the Southern California sun, as well as bringing a uniquely different approach to every new project.

We know that building your business and getting the right clients is important, and it will take a one-of-a-kind solution pertinent to your businesses core market. We communicate your company graphically into a lingo that your consumers will understand.

Reaching the modern consumer with its short attention span’s requires a creative studio that not only recognizes originality, but understands how to influence those trends to stand out amongst the ordinary.

We are constantly looking forward, on our client’s behalf, to deliver innovative solutions that can quickly become accustomed to the changing landscape of your businesses market. We firmly believe that your success is absolutely vital to our own, we are planning for your success at the moment of the project engagement. We want all of our clients, regardless of size, to consider us as long-term partners with their best interest at heart. We welcome new clients and enjoy learning about what drives them so we can grow your business in a big fish’s world.

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