Why does content readability matter?

How do you get people to read the website description of your services or your latest blog posts? Improve the readability of your website content!

People read differently online

Let’s run an experiment. Count how many of these reading behaviors you experience online:

  • I scan the content’s headings.
  • I read the bolded or underlined text first.
  • I scan through bullet-point lists.
  • I look at the pictures or infographics first.
  • I read only the first sentence of long paragraphs.
  • I read only the introduction and conclusion.

Only two in ten people read online content word by word. The others are scanning the online pages they reach, exhibiting the reading behaviors described here.

Why is content readability important for businesses?

Provide content worth reading

When you create online content you do it for your users. You want to help them, answer their questions and efficiently inform them. Thus, your content should be relevant and easy to consume by those many users you want on your website.

Reach more users

When users turn on their computers or use their phones, they have ten tabs or apps opened at the same time. These are your main competitors in making people keep reading your website. More time spent on your site translates in longer dwell time, better bounce rate and better rankings.

Get more customers

Your content should persuade and convert users into customers. The too complex, long and unreadable text will make potential customers run away from your website.

How to improve your website readability?

Create your content by implementing the following five writing tips:

  • Hook the reader in. Start with something relevant for your user.
  • Make it short. Cut down long paragraphs and sentences.
  • Make it skimmable. Use subheadings, bolding, underlined text, bullets, and visuals.
  • Use your audience’s language. Familiar words are always easier to read.
  • Choose powerful words. For instance, “join” gets more subscribers than “subscribe”.

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