Who is visiting my website?

Getting to know your customers has been a time-honored tradition for businesses across the world. In the digital age, it might feel like there is a disconnection going on. As a business owner, there are still ways to get to know your customers in the digital world.

How can you tell who visits my website?

There are a lot of analytics and data visualization software out there that can tell you a lot about your website visitors. You can learn how many users visit your website, from what sources, and even where in the world they are coming from.

As part of a comprehensive marketing strategy, learning these details about your visitors is critical. These metrics help fine-tune marketing campaigns, branded messaging, and growing your SEO to reach more people.

Before the digital age, agencies and businesses still took into account a lot of these details. They would estimate how many in-person visitors they had, how they heard about their business, and observed the details about what worked and didn’t work for their conversions.

What are the benefits of getting to know my website visitors?

Marketing is all about staying ahead of the curve and your competition. Learning if your website visitors are in your target market, if they are visiting the right pages on your website, and whether they are visiting from a campaign source like a newsletter or social media post is vital to your business.

One of the major benefits is conversion opportunities. Whether it means more appointments, more sales, or more customers served, you can turn new customers into loyal customers with the right messaging. Some of the most reliable business comes from repeat customers, so make the right moves to convert more new customers to returning customers.

The metrics also illuminate whether your overall brand is resonating with visitors or not. Learn what still works and what needs improvement as time goes on and the nature of business evolves.

What tools are used to track visitors?

There’s a plethora of analytics software that can be fine-tuned to a business’s digital marketing needs. The usual contenders are from Google and Facebook since those are two of the most popular platforms on the internet. Knowing how to harness their powers requires some careful thought and communication between business and marketing agency.

Google Analytics

A comprehensive web analytics service that is free to use and allows you to measure your ROI (return on investment) among many other KPIs (key performance indicator). Everything from how many users are viewing your website to which pages are getting the most views to how users behave on your website can be tracked and filtered down by some levels of specificity.

Google Ads

One of the most well-known online advertising platforms allows businesses to grow by reaching the right customers. A step in the right direction for any business is to grow a reliable audience and Google Ads provides methods to pinpoint those audiences for businesses. It allows for higher ROI from Google Search, websites, apps, and videos while only paying for the results.

Google Tag Manager

A popular tag management system that allows for quick and easy updates to measurement codes on websites. Primarily used for measurement and marketing optimization on websites by helping determine what is working and how well it is working. This system is crucial to any business doing digital marketing because it allows managing multiple data sources in one space like data from your website to Google Analytics or to Google Ads or to Facebook and many more.

Facebook Analytics

The growth of Facebook and its acquired partners like Instagram and Oculus offer another audience source that should not be neglected. Like with Google, it allows businesses to learn more about users’ interactions with their conversion goals and sales funnels for ads. Data collected can be used diversely for new marketing campaigns or remarketing campaigns depending on which audiences the business is targeting.

Why should you work with our agency?

Your business needs a tailored marketing strategy. We do not provide cookie-cutter solutions, instead, we take the time to craft custom approaches to make the most out of your marketing. Leave the research to us and we’ll collaborate for your business’s specific needs and goals to make sure you stay on top of the competition.

At the beginning of each month that you are working with us, you will receive a comprehensive report detailing the important metrics that help get to know your website visitors. Also included in the report are metrics detailing your website’s marketing, performance, and SEO in an effort to be one hundred percent transparent with our clients about our work.

If your business needs to revamp your marketing strategy, get in touch with us. Let’s work together on your marketing so your business can thrive.