What Makes an Effective Homepage?

Any business that wants to find success should focus on the effectiveness of its homepage. First impressions really do matter, so it’s important for you to stand out in the digital space.

You’ll notice that a lot of brands use similar web design elements on their websites. That’s no coincidence! While visuals may differ, there are certain things that stay relatively similar across the board, such as the position of the logo, the menu, calls to action, and more.

Let’s go over what makes an effective homepage!

Your Introduction

The moment a customer lands on your homepage, they should get an immediate idea of who you are and how you can help them. There should be no confusion!

We can use your logo, stock images, or videos to immediately convey what you’re about. Your mission statement and tagline should be clear and concise, and make sure you’re using clear, readable fonts.

The Fold

The fold is the section of the homepage that is first seen by users. Keeping this area de-cluttered while also providing crucial information is a difficult balance to maintain, but doing so will ensure your success.

Before the user scrolls down you want to make sure you’ve grabbed their attention. Then, section the remaining information underneath the fold.


Your homepage design can only do so much convincing. By providing testimonials, customers will be far more inclined to trust you over your competitors.

This also ties into making your homepage look personal by adding brief information about your team, not just your ideals. Who will customers work with? By being open and honest, you have the chance to forge long-lasting relationships right off the bat.

User Experience

An effective homepage doesn’t focus on just branding.

User experience ensures that viewers have an easy time navigating your website with the help of a menu, search bars, and CTAs. Remove friction by ensuring that your homepage loads quickly.

It’s also equally important for you to optimize your website for different devices.

If you need more help in creating an effective homepage, contact us today!