What are retargeting campaigns?

Only 2% of the first time visitors to your business website will immediately buy a product, order an ebook, subscribe to a newsletter, join a campaign, etc. For the rest of the 98% of your potential customers, you need to have retargeting campaigns.


What are the retargeting campaigns?

They are not magical, nor something to use to stalk and therefore scare away your potential customers. Retargeting campaigns are digital marketing processes through which you try to re-engage people who have reached your website before, but they have not converted yet to customers – so they did not shop, subscribe or join your business campaigns.

Learn how to use the latest marketing technology available to bring those potential customers back to your online business! Next time they visit, they will be more likely to buy your products or subscribe to your campaign!


How do you re-engage the users?

In all retargeting campaigns, you need to track some data of the potential customers that reached your business online. Usually, this tracking is done automatically. You might collect their IP address or their email addresses (with their approval).

Once you have this data, here are how some retargeting campaigns work:


Website retargeting or “pixel-based” retargeting

This is the most common method for retargeting anonymous site visitors. When people arrive on your website, the code behind your site creates an anonymous cookie (a small piece of data also called “pixel”) and stores the visitors’ web browsers. When they leave your website for other platforms, that cookie automatically informs those platforms to serve your potential customers specific ads based on the page they came from – your business website!


Social media retargeting

The distinction between social media retargeting and website retargeting is that instead of banner ads, social media platforms serve your potential customers ads. Basically, when potential customers leave your website without engaging and step into one or more of the social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), the cookie follows and reminds them about your business with the social media ads you prepared for that specific channel.


Email retargeting

This type of campaign requires people who have subscribed to your business and have provided their email addresses for marketing purposes. First, upload your database of email addresses to other CRM and social media platforms. Then, the platforms identify the users based on these email addresses, and display your business ads just to them… reminding them about your brand, offer or campaign.

There are many other retargeting strategies you could use. These should be tailored to your marketing goals: Do you want to raise more brand awareness? Do you want to convert users into shoppers? Do you want people to invite their friends to visit your website, and expand your pool potential customers?

Any goal you have in mind, Runningfish is ready to assist you in the development and implementation of your custom retargeting campaign!