Trends to Follow in 2020

Exploring or investing a lot in digital commerce? Learn how to boost your Pay-per-click campaigns, acquire new customers, keep the old ones, and increase your business sales. Here are 7 key trends of PPC that you should follow in 2020:

Automation and artificial intelligence

Are not new in PPC, but the pace in which they develop and influence the marketing world is overwhelming. You should get connected with all these new changes and new ways of using automation to optimize your Pay-per-click campaigns and understand and employ AI to learn your audience’s behaviors and predict, analyze, improve and target your paid ads.

Branch out your Pay-per-impression campaigns

Don’t get stuck with the search engines, explore multiple channels and platforms, and create cross-channel plans for your PPI campaigns. It doesn’t mean you have to be everywhere – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc., but choose the platforms relevant for your potential customers and your brand.

Video ads

90% of people say that videos help them make the purchasing decision. Now, it’s the time to start linking to products in video ads and think about how you can provide more “real” experiences to customers, including through AR and VR tech.

Voice search for PPC

Experts say that brands that will incorporate voice search optimization into their paid ads strategy will increase their online revenues by 30% by the end of the year.

Paid ads in mobile apps

With smart segmentation launched last year, this is a new territory to explore for PPC. Now, game app developers can promote your paid ads to those gamers that are unlikely to make in-app purchases but could be your target audience.

Build stronger relationships with your audience

Design PPC campaigns to provide the best customer journey and to reach people at the perfect time with a targeted message.

Focus on both conversion and customer optimization

Build your PPC campaigns both for new customers and returning customers. Make sure you invest money not only to acquire new customers but also to keep the old ones.

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