Tips to rank higher on Google Maps

8 out of 10 people that perform online searches with “local intent” convert into customers of the business they reach. With Google being the most used search engine, you certainly want your business to catch the attention of those local searches on Google Maps.

At the same time, as digital marketing experts, we know that Google’s ranking factors and algorithms can be overwhelming and hard to understand without constant study and practice. So here are some tips you could use to make your business rank higher on Google Maps.

Claim and build your Google My Business (GMB) profile

Fill out all required and optional information. The more info you provide to Google, the more it will reach your potential customers, and you will rank higher in search results. While building your profile make sure:

    • You use a local phone number
    • Keep the business hours updated
    • Optimize the business description, by including local SEO keywords
    • Properly categorize your business, while matching these categories with keywords on your website
    • Add a lot of relevant photos to your profile

Increase the quantity and quality of your business citations

That means publishing your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) on local online directories or on other relevant websites.

Get relevant reviews for your business

Google responds to the customers’ need to read reviews before buying something. So, it ranks higher the places that have numerous, proper, and consistent reviews, with star rating.

Build local links

Reach your current partners or build new partnerships with businesses that complement your own services and products. You could engage in the mutual promotion of your websites or in creating content that is relevant for both of your audiences.

Work on your website

Embed a Google Map on your website, make the site responsive, and use local keywords on your pages.

Remove fake competitors

There are a lot listed on the map. Not all Google Maps listings are legitimate. Check the competitors that are listed when you perform an online search with specific keywords for your business. If you find any issue in the listings, suggest edits and report the fake places.

Be patient

It takes time to build a good name on Google Maps. Keep pushing to get customer reviews, to build local links, to increase citations, to improve your website and so on.

If you get tired of doing everything on your own, we are here for you. We develop and implement SEO strategies that boost Google Maps rankings for businesses like yours every day.

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