PR Tricks To Complement Your Digital Marketing

While you build and implement your marketing strategy for your business, know that your efforts can be boosted by a good PR strategy.  This should result in positive press and publicity concerning your most recent services, products, or innovations. Here are some PR tricks and proactive methods we recommend to spread the message about your business and the value you provide to your customers:

  1. Establish a blog or news section on your website. Write about topics that are relevant to your audience and get your brand out there. Adapt your messages to the news or current concerns people might have. Hold a podcast, recurring fireside chat, or create tutorials.
  2. Write white papers about your industry, current trends, struggles and victories in your field and approach forward-thinking subjects that you can publish on Medium or send to your local press.
  3. Focus your efforts on building relationships with people who are already influencing your target customers, and who could recommend your brand.
  4. Ask well-known bloggers or influencers in your community to try your products or services and genuinely talk about these on their platforms.
  5. Sign up for competitions and collaborative projects in your community, then use that exposure to promote your expertise.
  6. Prepare and send press releases regarding relevant company announcements for your community. Invite the press to do a story on your proprietary processes, techs, solutions, etc.
  7. Get in contact with the media outlets. Journalists love small businesses, the stories behind them, and the added value they bring to the community.


Good PR strategy helps to create credibility for your business, and build brand recognition. Contact us and we will show you how PR tactics can pay off in enhanced marketing strategies and increased sales!