Optimize your Marketing Strategy for Reopening after COVID-19

Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve all been waiting for things to go back to normal. Businesses don’t have that same luxury as COVID-19 exposed flaws in their marketing strategy, meaning that they need to make changes in order to stay relevant.

Digital marketing was crucial during the lockdown, and even older people who may have been skeptical of online methods are now jumping on the bandwagon.

That’s just one reason why you should optimize your marketing strategy for reopening. Now, let’s talk about how!

Customer Data

Collecting customer data is an important step in the process. Without this, you won’t know how to approach and lure them. You can collect more data online than in the real world through social media, email marketing, customer care, sales data, and your website.

The more you know about them the easier it will be for you to provide a flawless online experience, generating more sales.

Modernize Your Website

Like shop fronts, your website needs to make a good first impression. The faster it loads, the more likely a customer is to stay. You have to clearly state what you can do for them. Customers love clear and concise information.

If your website is cumbersome to navigate, streamline your online sales process by making the checkout process easy and intuitive. Use CTAs to generate more engagement and conversions.

Furthermore, optimize it for mobile phones!

Create Content

Boost your brand recognition and affinity by creating content that resonates with your target audience. Videos, blogs, or infographics will help customers get to know you, making it more likely for them to repeatedly visit your website.

Use Social Media

Here is where your customers will have the chance to engage with your business in a social environment. Your job is to interact with them!

Use these platforms to generate leads by informing your customers of free trials, exclusive offers, sales, or free quotes. A crucial aspect: make reopening clear on your social media pages!

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