New Website Launched: The RPR&C Group

The RPR&C Group website is now live!

The RPR&C Group website transformation

Specifics on new design

The new design for The RPR&C Group’s website includes a revamp of its branding, content, and client communication. The group is known for its events & promotions and emerging brands services. They have worked with big-name brands like Cacique, Topo Chico, Yelp, Spotify, and more! The new website now contains galleries of different events and brands they have worked in the past.

Their logo was non-existent at the beginning of the process. The goal of creating their logo and overall branding was to add credibility and trust to appeal to a broader audience. The RPR&C Group works with a lot of famous brands, it’s only fitting they are on top of their branding as well.

The company backstory is highlighted on the new about page to remind everyone that this is still The RPR&C Group they have worked with in the past while introducing themselves to new and prospective clients.

The events & promotions page, along with the emerging brands’ page, are the bread and butter of The RPR&C Group. Both of those service pages act as pseudo-home pages to guide their prospective clients through everything they need to know about the respective service. We highlighted what they do, who they have worked with specifically, what individual services they do, and offered proof to why The RPR&C Group is the right choice.

Under both of those two services pages are services, gallery, and contact pages to provide further information and guidance on how what to expect when working with The RPR&C Group. The gallery pages are key to proving to prospective clients that this group knows what it’s doing and will make sure they do everything they can to succeed.

The individual and customized contact forms are crucial as well by making sure both The RPR&C Group and their contacts are on the same page about what they want. When both parties are on the same page, that can only mean sales, loyalty, and memorable experiences.

Lastly, some new features that were previously not included are social media icons and newsletter signups. With the event promotion industry, it’s all about image. Being able to connect on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are important not just for those attending these events, but the brand partners as well.

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