New Website Launched: The Brush Guys

The Brush Guys website is now live!

The Brush Guys website transformation

Specifics on new design

The new design for The Brush Guys’ website includes a revamp of its branding, content, and shop. The company is known across the world for some of the best paintbrush deals and customer service. The client wanted to maintain their local company values while updating the website for ease of use not just for the customers, but also for the shop manager.

Their logo received a nice touch up to match with the redesigns website. It’s still the same memorable appearance of The Brush Guys with some refined coloring and editing.

The company backstory is highlighted in the new about page to remind everyone that this is still The Brush Guys they have come to love and appreciate for these years.

The customer support page is a new feature that allows users to communicate with anything they need help with. Whether it helps with returning or exchanging an order, receiving product information, or anything else pertaining to the shop, the page helps both the users and the shop manager.

The shop was the focal point of the redesign. The client wanted a more organized and easier to use interface for users to find and pick out their brushes. They can search, navigate by categories, or find the product directly if they know what they’re looking for. Each product has relevant information that users would want.

One of the new features was also to sign up for notifications upon the restock of a product. Before, the only system in place was an announcement on the website, but now this connects directly with users. This was the theme of the redesign, making an overall better experience for both users and shop manager.

Some new features include newsletter signup and social media buttons to connect with The Brush Guys via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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