New Website Launched: Sun Valley Technology

The Sun Valley Technology website is now live!

Sun Valley Technology website transformation

Specifics on new design

The new design for Sun Valley Technology’s website includes a major revamp of their branding, messaging, and overall look of the company to reflect a modern information technology company specializing in health care. The first major step to that was the design of a logo since that was not present previously.

Logo Design

A logo can boost your credibility; when people don’t see one, they are less likely to buy from said company. The client wanted a very minimal text-based logo highlighting the “Sun” in their name and one of their primary brand colors.

Website Design

The client’s backstory, testimonials, and partnerships were given a tune-up on the new website. Another important step to building credibility and trust is showcasing the story behind your company and the people you have worked with.

Highlighting the services was also an essential driving point of the new website. Not only does describing the services you do good practice, but it also makes it easier to get discovered across search engines, social media, and other digital avenues. Developing short and long descriptions for each of their services was important to the design because sometimes people skim and know that’s what they want and other times they need more information. The short descriptions helped on the home and services pages where we only included a brief overview of the main services. The long descriptions were reserved for the individual service pages.

Detailing the top industries the client worked with is important when services are offered. That goal is for the client to get qualified leads since they work in a specialized area of information technology. The page also served as a preview for what these leads could expect from the client should they choose to work with them.


The client has a support portal where they work with their own clients and having that featured on the website was critical. Their website was designed to not just elevate their brand and credibility, but also help them in their day to day operations. Websites don’t just have to be an online presence for your business, they can be used as a part of your business to make life easier.

The newsletter signup was setup to keep their leads and clients in the loop about company announcements, new services, specials, and new projects. Social media was also added so visitors can visit the client’s social media accounts and interact with them there.

A new live chat feature was added so that the client can communicate in a shorter window to quick questions or comments. Part of their website redesign was to improve the flow of communication and a live chat was something the client was excited to have.

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