New Website Launch: The Lean Machine Meal Prep

The Lean Machine Meal Prep website is now live!

What we did for the client

A lot of behind the scenes improvements were done to improve the order intake and delivery systems. The previous system that was in place was proven to be very convoluted. There were a lot of processes the client had to take into his own hands and manually enter and update on the website.

Part of the website redesign was not just to give it a new look, but to make the client’s life much easier. It started with automating some of the processes where he received customer information and was required to pass on to the delivery service.

In the end, the client has expressed the new system is noticeably smoother than on his previous website. A website can be a lot more than just a digital presence for your brand, it can be an asset to the workflow.

What we did for the client’s users

We improved the user interface and experience to elevate the overall journey of the website. Users want to feel comfortable when buying meal prep deliveries online and we took that into account from the design, the written content, and overall information architecture. We kept a lot of elements that users were familiar with on the previous website, with some updated looks and approaches to the website’s design.

The shop journey has been made simplified for both the owner and the customers. It is easier now to order meals, customize, bulk order, and subscribe to meal prep.

The mobile look has received a modern touch up with bottom navigation for easy access to the most popular pages. Give it a try yourselves!

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