New Website Launch: SureRide

The SureRide website is now live!

What’s new

The new design for SureRide’s website includes a revamp of its branding. The company is known for transporting people to and from the San Diego Convention Center during the convention season as well as working with big names like Netflix, Coca Cola, and Qualcomm. The goal of their branding redesign is to highlight their aim at catering to the executive transportation crowd.

Their new logo, colors, and styles were carefully chosen to reflect the values leading SureRide. The darker shades of black, gray, and blue mimick the traditional suit colors of executives seen contracting SureRide for various occasions.

A revamped services, fleet, news, and contact page were a part of the redesign. Easier access to all of the information one would look for in a charter bus company is within reach, nothing is further than 2 or 3 clicks away.

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