Important Tips to Prepare Your Business for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is a major event in the consumer calendar. 2019 was a record year, with over $7.2 billion of sales in the US alone. Clearly, it represents a big opportunity for your business to generate some serious revenue in the holiday season.

With something as enormous as Black Friday, it pays to get prepared early but it’s never too late. Here are some important tips to make sure your marketing strategy and your SEO strategy are on point so you take home a big slice of the consumer pie.

Prepare your tech

SEO is a technical exercise as well as a marketing one. Search engines rank sites for speed and reliability as well as quality of content. Be aware that increased traffic and maybe some ‘festive banners’ you want to add could significantly slow down your site. Perform a speed test using a tool like Google Lighthouse and make improvements accordingly. Other technical things to consider are good internal links and fixing broken links.

Optimize your products

Make sure your product pages are search engine optimized and easily discoverable on your site. You’ll want to carry out some keyword research into Black Friday Keywords related to your products and include them in your descriptions for an SEO boost

Make a promotional content calendar

As the day draws nearer you’ll want to put your overall marketing strategy into a plan or calendar and populate it with what content you want to share and when. It should include graphics, social media posts, copy, and what promotions you’re going to run.

Email marketing campaigns

Like with regular promotions, email marketing campaigns are super important for Black Friday. Start your email marketing campaign early to generate excitement for the big day. If possible send focused emails to customers, for example those who have bought multiple times in a single category, as these have a higher chance of converting.

Tailor your approach

Give us a call on how you want to go about this unique Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday experience. Contact us today!