How to run a successful Black Friday sale

Black Friday is coming and no business can ignore it. You cannot afford to stay out of this shopping boom: every year the sales during Black Friday hit a new record. Then, with or without you being prepared for Black Friday, the people are out or online and shopping. Here are some helpful tips on how to benefit from this golden opportunity.

Get your business ready

Prepare for a lot of traffic online and offline. Provide a high-quality shopping experience with no flaws in customer service, payment process and delivery time.

  • If you are a store or a shop, make sure you have enough inventory on hand. Create a relaxed atmosphere, play some welcoming music and give out free small snacks or hot chocolate or tea.
  • As a restaurant owner, be ready to host the Black Friday shoppers. Consider opening early to help your clients to get their energy for shopping with a good breakfast and coffee. Also, stay open late for very tired and hungry clients, after hours of shopping.
  • If you own an online business, review your website, such as product pages and photos, website design and navigation, shopping process, etc. Impress both your first buyers and your regular customers. 

Decide on your promotions

Shoppers expect discounts across Black Friday weekend. They want to spoil their dear ones and themselves with very good special offers. 

  • Decide if you want to apply discounts on certain products or give vouchers that can be applied to any purchase.
  • If you use discounts, research what products sell better than others. 
  • Make smart marketing decisions, trying to predict your competitors’ sales decisions.
  • Focus on items that the customers usually gravitate towards during holiday months, but also on the products they usually ignore, to round out your sales figures.

Get the word out

Build up a marketing strategy that attracts your customers in your shop, store, restaurant or on your website. Take at least the following steps:

  • Announce the sales in time, build the buzz around your brand and promotions;
  • Pay attention to your customer’s behavior during sales and be reactive. Remind them about your promotions, but also about their abandoned online carts or wish lists.
  • Offer last chance sales. Your discounts do not need to end on Cyber Monday. With all the fuss around, the shoppers might have missed some of your promotions. Roll the dice one more, and maybe add even an additional discount.

Not really sure how to build your marketing strategy? Let’s develop together a strategic and creative approach that uses social media, online advertising, and email marketing to help you get the most out of the Black Friday sale. 

Contact us to help you run a successful Black Friday sale and an after-Black Friday customer retention campaign.