How to reach people staying at home, through SEO or PPC?

How should your digital marketing strategy look like during the quarantine? Should your business invest more in paid search or in organic search, or try a combination of both? As digital marketers, we advise you to always make decisions based on your prospective customers and how they use the web, on the type of products or services you want to sell and the objectives of your marketing campaign.



  1. A successful SEO strategy will bring organic traffic on your website, which has more staying power than paid traffic. Once they consider your website relevant, the prospective customers return to it.
  2. In the long-term, it is proved that SEO delivers more costumers and more sales at better costs, having a good return on investment.
  3. You invest time and expertise in your SEO strategy, but there is not a direct charge for each click.
  4. Visibility in search engines drives brand awareness, but also your credibility. Many web users skip the ads and trust the organic results more highly.

However, implementing an SEO strategy takes time, from a couple of months to a year. Also, you need to constantly generate unique, relevant, and authoritative content on your website.




  1. With so many types of PPC ads out there, like Search Ads, Display Ads, Social Media Ads, Remarketing, Sequential remarketing, and Google Shopping, you have lots of options to explore and combine for best results.
  2. There is no faster way to get in front of your prospective customers than PPC. You can develop a PPC campaign in a couple of days and run it immediately for how long you want.
  3. PPC allows you to target your audience, using different types of data (demographics, geography, etc.). In other words, you pay only for the people you want on your website.
  4. Ads are easier to master than an SEO strategy. PPC ads are just ads in the end, which could include calls, locations, site links, pricing, and some visuals for your products.
  5. If your landing page is a decent one, you can see immediate positive results in the number of new customers and sales figures. Also, you can scale up your marketing campaign very easily. Target more keywords or increase your daily budget for the already selected keywords.

However, for a PCC campaign, you will need to invest more funds in a short period of time, and if the ads stop, the traffic to your website might instantly dry up. Also, you have to constantly manage and refresh your campaigns, as ad blindness is real – when customers see an ad too often, they stop seeing it anymore.


So, SEO or PPC?


If you plan to run a one-time campaign, or you are interested to reach quick results during a short period of time, a PCC strategy might serve your business much better than an SEO strategy. Also, if you launch an innovative product, which cannot be found online through relevant keywords, PCC ads are a good way to promote it. But if you are looking for good brand awareness, long-term results, loyal website visitors and customers, and a better ROI go with an SEO strategy. Keep in mind, that nothing can stop you to combine the two digital marketing tools!

We can definitely manage all of these for you. Reach our digital marketing experts.