How to increase conversions with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an emerging channel for acquiring new customers and increase the revenue of your business. In this performance-based model, it is essential to learn quickly how to recruit and work with your affiliate partners, for attracting more visitors on your website and converting them into buyers.

Our experts gathered some tips for you on how to get the highest return on investment possible from your affiliate marketing strategy.

Analyze over and over again

Digital marketing is a lot about collecting analytics and make sense of those analytics, for understanding your customers’ behavior and what makes them buy your products.

Analyze your current affiliate network

Which partners attract the customers you are interested in and which are the partners that bring the best results in converting visitors into buyers? Evaluate this information and make smart investments in your network!

Develop your network

Bring in new partners and assess their contribution. More websites talking about your products should translate into increased revenues.

Assess the partners’ technology

Learn if they are capable to fully support all your digital campaigns.

Analyze the data about your customers’ behavior

Understand their decision journey to purchase your product or service. Then, build customer-centered campaigns.

Don’t let yourself easily impress by metrics

High numbers of visitors or likes do not always convert into buyers. Analyze what is going wrong in the program, and reinvent your conversion strategy.

Keep your eyes on the prize – the sales!

The ultimate goal of any of your digital marketing campaigns is to increase your sales. Work towards the same goal when using affiliate marketing.

Help your affiliates to understand your products fast

Design your campaigns as easy as possible for them, because the sooner they are ready to promote your brand, the sooner they will drive sales.

Run discounts or free shipping offers

Offer specials through some of the affiliates. These encourage customers to place their orders and incentivize partners to increase exposure for your products on their websites.

Partner only with affiliates that work on a performance basis

That means they get their commission only for completed orders.

Reward affiliates that bring new customers

Pay more for sales placed by new customers instead of returning ones.

Constantly try out new sales tactics and campaign “tricks”

Work with your affiliates and run experiments, learn fast, and develop wider campaigns for the tactics that prove to be profitable.

Hire Runningfish

It is best to hire a marketing agency and work with professionals for affiliate marketing campaigns.

A specialized agency knows how to:

  • develop your network of affiliates
  • recruit the best profiles and monitor for fraud
  • design and implement your campaigns
  • evaluate and use the analytics to increase your sales
  • analyze your competitors’ performance

Also, while the affiliate partners have the responsibility to drive traffic to your website, you can count on the professional digital marketers to optimize your website for the best conversion rate.

If you consider using affiliate marketing for increasing your online sales, start with the last tip from our list: hire the experts!

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