How to fight business slow down during winter

When people hide from the winter cold in their homes or run to warmer places, the offseason starts for your business. Fight business slows down, keep the buzz around your business going, and continue to generate steady revenue. 

As marketing experts, we advise you to take advantage of this blessing in disguise and work on client attraction and retention.

Take some time to work on your website

Power up your website with a new design and relevant content to attract clients and increase profit. 

  • We can come up with a new and modern design, but also with a new marketing strategy for your website;
  • Let’s improve your business’s SEO and populate your website’s blog or news section. 
  • We can write the blog posts that your audience will search for on the Internet. 

Social media is 24/7 communication time with your customers

People might be away, but they never leave the social media platforms. Follow your customers where they are, and we are here to make them follow your business through:

  • A professional digital marketing strategy and a social media schedule for posting relevant and unique content;
  • Engaging social media campaigns, challenging customers to participate in your competitions, and in giveaways or “throwback” moments campaigns;
  • Maintaining all your social media channels, to remind the audience to shop from you, even if it’s not the peak time.

Keep talking about your awesome business

Once that your new digital marketing strategy is in place, take the time to plan your future email newsletters. 

  • Let’s find together the new things you can add to your email newsletters or email marketing, in order to make your customers interested in your business updates and offers.
  • Brainstorm for unique email subjects and identify the topics the customers will love to read about. Consult us on what makes people open and read emails.

Reinvent your promotion campaigns and customer programs

The biggest gift you get during the business slowdown is the time to plan. Reach us to generate ideas for your next sales and promotions. Use also our creativity and marketing expertise to set up an offseason marketing campaign, such as an advance purchase deal. 

Use this blessed moment also for:

  • Developing customer loyalty or referral programs;
  • Organizing offseason events that make your customers leave their homes or their apathetic winter mood.

Finally, if you cannot fight this winter business slow down, take a break and go to Cancun! We are here to do all this work for you, just contact us today!