How to design a logo that works

Designing the logo of your business might put a lot of pressure on you because you know that it is more than shapes, colors, and fonts. The logo is about your brand. It is what your customers will remember, feel, and think about your company.

Our advice, as professional graphic designers and experts in digital marketing, is to take it as a unique opportunity. Now is the perfect moment for your business to decide upon and influence the consumers’ perception of your brand. Enjoy it!

To help you feel less overwhelmed with the process of designing a logo that works, we summarized the steps you should follow:


1. Get a deep understanding of your customers

Empathize, run market research and learn as much as possible about your customers, but also about your industry. You need to focus on their expectations and to understand how your logo can meet the customers’ needs. Gain relevant insights on how to make your logo unique and powerful, but still relevant for your business industry.

2. Start with a good brand story

Decide on what do you want to communicate to your clients, and how you want them to feel or think about when interacting with your brand. Express your story in simplistic elements, leave customers with one message to take away. This is the moment in which you conceptualize your logo!

3. Go into the design execution

In this phase, it is more important than in any other step, to get the support of someone with sound knowledge on principles of logo design and with relevant graphic design skills. A professional designer will create various prototypes and many iterations of a single proposal before you will decide on the final logo.

  1. Present a brief to the designer. Include the information you collected about the customers and the story of your brand.
  2. Always provide the graphic designer with some additional instructions on what you expect. If you do not know what you want, make sure you tell the designer what you certainly do not want. However, a highly professional designer will know what questions to ask you before starting the work.
  3. The designer will propose shapes, colors, and fonts. Be mindful of current trends, but make sure that your logo will be timeless. If you update your logo, remember that your current customers should still be able to recognize your brand.
  4. When you have the first sketches, reconnect with some of your customers. Test the different versions of the logo with them and get their feedback.
  5. The graphic designer will also work on the versatility of your logo. It should hold its shape and expression on multiple platforms – in print, on your desktop or mobile version of the website, and on all your social media channels.


At Runningfish, we have the experts that can guide you through all these steps and deliver the logo your business deserves.

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