Get to Know your Customers Day: A Perfect Time to Assess Your CRM Strategies

Every third Thursday in January, April, July and October is Get to Know your Customers Day and if you are a business owner you know that it is more important than ever to really understand and relate to your customers. In a world where people are connecting more online than face to face, you need to quickly engage with customers visually and emotionally.  How can you create a marketing strategy that makes your customer want feel their needs are understood?

Your Website

Is your web site user friendly and intuitive? If you regularly get questions via email that are answered on your website, then it isn’t.  You need to be one step ahead of the customer, anticipating what they need and provide what they need in a visually appealing easy –to understand way.  If you don’t, they are more likely going to find what they need elsewhere. Consider adding a LiveChat option to your site, so that you can more easily communicate with customers or prospective customers to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Your Communication

Do you send updates via email, regular mail, and social media?  You don’t want to bombard them with messages, but you do want to stay engaged and send them relevant content related to your product that will help them in their daily lives. Many companies have successfully utilized videos or YouTube as a marketing tool and a means of communication with customers.  Consider a free online tutorial covering the basics of your product, a customer case study or a testimonial.

A Personal Touch

People like to feel both known and appreciated.  Depending on your industry, you can meet this need in a variety of ways. When gathering customer data, add fields like birthday or customer anniversary (day they purchased your product or service) and follow up with a personalized message on those special occasions.  Send a voucher or coupon for your products or services to re-engage your best customers and market new products and services.


Don’t know if you know your customers?  Go ahead and ask.  Most people love to give their opinion when asked! Give your current customers a chance to respond to an online survey.  And be sure to thank them for their time with a gift card, coupon or voucher.

If you need help reigniting your company’s CRM strategy Runningfish has more than 15 years of experience connecting with customers in all industries via fresh Web design and effective digital marketing. Contact us today!