Five Clever Ways To Attract More Customers Online

People go online to solve their problems, connect and be entertained, and your business might provide the solutions they need. To get your services and products to reach more customers, go where people spend most of their time, online. Your business needs a powerful and smart online presence.

Here are the top five methods to attract more customers online.

1. Optimize your website for SEO

Online marketing should start with the optimization of your website for relevant keywords. The aim is to build excellent content, design, and to put your website on the first page of people’s internet search results. Not sure how to do it? Ask our experts who live and breathe the art of SEO.

2. Add value to your website with content marketing

Build a blog or a news section on your website, where you can share high-quality and relevant content for your customers. The blog helps to:
  1. drive traffic by piquing the interest of search engines;
  2. create authority for your business in the industry;
  3. develop a relationship with your customers.

The biggest challenge of content marketing is to be able to promote your products or services while showing genuine interest in serving your customers’ expectations. Our experts in digital marketing will know how to keep this balance!

3. Be creative on social media

Three out of four younger consumers base their purchasing decisions on social media content, most precisely on Instagram posts. Therefore, you cannot afford to overlook social media channels to attract more customers.

  1. Use the visual power of social media to promote your business;
  2. Social media’s engagement focus helps you better interact with customers.
  3. Contests, sales campaigns, giveaways, viral photos or videos on social media, all create a positive perception of the brand and bring more people on your website and in your store.

4. Use the power of subscriptions and email marketing

Subscriptions and email marketing boost your relationship with customers. Research shows that subscriptions and email marketing make clients return to your shop, buy more, and help your business in predicting revenue. However, do not try to sell at every corner and turn – connect, build trust and only focus on selling afterward.

5. Build consumer trust through crowd-sourced review platforms

People trust people, not businesses that they do not have direct knowledge of. Use follow-up emails or your website to encourage your customers to write reviews about their experience with your company on platforms like Yelp. More reviews equal more chances for potential customers to learn about your business and choose to become your customer.