Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

To increase your online visibility, it is essential to optimize your website from an SEO perspective. Only by taking care of all the aspects that make the site “pleasing to search engines”, it is possible to obtain a good ranking in the results of users’ searches. If, on the other hand, you do not have an effective SEO Plan and you adopt behaviors that “Google does not like,” the consequences in terms of positioning can be very damaging.

To avoid penalties and improve your positioning, it is, therefore, necessary to know which are the most common mistakes to avoid or correct.

Here are the 5 main mistakes to avoid to build a truly “SEO friendly” site:

Repeat keywords too often

Overloading a page with one or more keywords to force the site to rank on that specific word is a harmful practice known as ” keyword stuffing.”

Exceeding the use of keywords, in addition to worsening the ranking of the site, also makes reading the text boring and unnatural, worsening the user experience.

Neglect page links

One of the most common SEO mistakes is uploading content without performing redirects. Link building is a determining factor for SEO. Digital business owners must make sure that the pages of their site are well connected to each other and that the Links present are functioning correctly, and that they do not lead to wrong, non-existent or broken pages.

Insert duplicate or copied content

The most serious mistake is certainly to copy texts from other websites without adding new, original, and interesting content. By copying Content, your website not only does not obtain advantages because, in fact, it does not offer anything new to the reader, but it exposes itself to a penalty.

Having duplicate Content is a mistake to avoid even within your website: each page must have different texts and contents and must be optimized for different keywords.

No schema markup is used

Schema markup code is a way to structure and define information about your website. Search engines use schema markup to better understand the content of your site and provide users with the most accurate and relevant search results.

Schema markup is not visible to the user and can be added to the regular HTML code used on the website. You need to learn the vocabulary of the schema.

Don’t submit a sitemap to search engines

The sitemap is a strategic element of the site. It is a file that provides information on the pages, on the contents of the website, and on the correlation between the various elements. The sitemap communicates directly with search engine bots, showing them the way to follow to crawl the site effectively.

The absence of the sitemap is not in itself an element of penalty, but its presence allows to improve the crawling of the site, constituting an undoubted advantage from an SEO perspective.

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