Branding for tech companies

You are reading this because you know that tech products don’t just sell themselves. Clients buy your products if they feel that they can connect and trust your brand.

Branding your tech company means building a narrative around your business and products – a narrative that meets customers’ expectations, enhances customer experience, and it is better than the competitors’ narrative.

Gather the marketing expertise in your company or contact a marketing company, and start building your brand identity:

1. Get your brand story right

Discover and explain what is unique about your business and your products. What are your company’s Why, How and What that make the user experience special?

2. Define your audiences

Reflect on what problems you solve and for whom. Once you know your customers, you know how and what to tell them to sell your products.

3. Find your voice and tone

Determine what persona is behind your brand identity – formal, casual, edgy? Not sure where to start? Find the key adjectives that will define the communication style with your customers, or choose a celebrity whose personality could match your brand’s personality.

4. Build the brand elements

Create your company’s story, logo, slogan, colors palette, fonts and other visuals. Also, decide on the marketing channels your brand needs, such as newsletter, website, blog, social media, marketing campaigns, etc. Finally, design the user journey you want to provide through your marketing efforts.

5. Operationalize the brand guideline

All your marketing efforts should be aligned with your brand identity. Any message you send out there to your customers, including the 404 pages of your website, should be consistent with the identity you defined for your business. That will make your brand stronger and allow it to grow!

Now that you know how to start a narrative about your business and products, reach Runningfish’s marketing experts to make this narrative into a powerful tech brand!