Benefits of A/B Testing

Digital marketing uses a variety of techniques to help businesses to increase sales and profits. But not all methods may be equally effective. As a business owner, you know you cannot base your decisions on hunchs or feelings. For that, we propose you try A/B testing.

Shortly, A/B testing is about experimentation and bringing data in before investing a lot of money in a specific digital marketing campaign. Basically, you will compare two versions of an online campaign, such as the look of your business website’s main page, particular ad text, call-to-action, etc. By trying out two variations of your online campaign, you can learn which one can attract more engagement and conversions from your customers.

The benefits of A/B testing are obvious, such as reducing investment risks, attracting more customers, and increasing sales. Let’s explore these key benefits!

1. Save money

With A/B testing, you will avoid betting your money on a single campaign that you don’t know exactly how will work out. Through this testing, you can identify processes that offer better returns. Always, one marketing campaign will be better than another one. Use the A/B testing data and find the version that will bring you the most ROI.

2. Increase conversion rates

This is the most effective way of creating content that converts more leads into buyers. The results of the test will show you which campaign has the ability to bring more conversions. It will also help you better understand your website visitors’ behavior and reactions and create more impactful campaigns in the future.

3. Improve content

While you start the idea generation process for your campaigns for an A/B test, you will think about every aspect of the content you want to try. Thus, you will be more aware of the elements of the campaign and generate better content. Moreover, after the testing, you can clearly see the campaign’s issues that did not perform that well and improve your other campaigns and tests.

4. Make analysis easy

Almost 8 out of 10 businesses run A/B tests on their websites, including landing pages, to understand what design, fonts, headlines, call-to-action, and other elements work best. They do so because, with such a method, it’s straightforward to determine a “winner” and a “loser”.

5. Increase sales and profit

Campaigns that use better and more engaging content, keep the visitors on your website, convert leads into buyers, in the end, lead to increased sales. Thus, your business makes more money as the A/B testing reduces costs and generates more income.

At Runningfish, we have sound experience in A/B testing on business websites.

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