Attract more leads by sharing news with your audience

You love it when your friends and family hit you up with good news, it just makes your day, right?

If used mindfully, social media can really bring people together and keep them engaged by sharing meaningful events and information. Even if you don’t interact with them every day, seeing them regularly in your news feed makes you feel like you are somehow part of their lives.


But from a marketing perspective…


Writing news and blog posts is an amazing way to stay in the back of people’s minds!  It’s called content marketing and we encourage you to learn more about it here.

People don’t just follow their dear ones online. They enjoy knowing how that charity project is going, what your favorite football players are doing and what cool events is their neighborhood coffee shop planning, not to mention all the discounts they’re hunting everywhere in newsletters, blogs, Facebook and Instagram posts.


Now, what does that communicate about the companies/people who share their news regularly?  It says that:

– their business is legit and reliable
– they dedicate time to be fresh in their industry
– they stay involved in the local community
– they are approachable and open towards their clients
– they are growing and are loving it!


This kind of vibe fuels the law of attraction – positive news attracts more good news and people who want to be a part of it.


Being the talk of the internet is the best thing you can be, as word of mouth is the most powerful way to spread your brand’s reputation.





If you don’t have anything just yet, we understand. Whether your type of business allowed building a clientele or it’s more of a one-off type, it might be daunting to figure out what exactly is “news worth sharing”, when, where and how often to do it.

That’s where we can help you stay engaged with your audience in an authentic way.  We can teach you how or even do it for you. Either way, we are just a phone call away.