5 Website Mistakes Costing You Clients

Many business owners reach us because they are unhappy with their website that doesn’t deliver as they hoped. They all wished for more clients and increased sales and revenues. Some of them come to us for more modern web design, others – for calls to action, online sales campaigns, or online shops.

In the last years, while providing them consultancy on web design, brand strategy and digital marketing, we also learned about the most costly website mistakes business owners can make. Here are the ones we strongly advise you to avoid.

1. The web design is of low quality.

The website does not communicate your brand and your brand values, it lacks any brand strategy behind and employs “nothing special” or outdated web design. Add to these issues bad photos and sloppy copywriting, and you have the worst combination for your business website.

2. Your website is not mobile responsive.

With more than half of the website traffic coming from mobile devices and rapidly growing numbers of clients shopping through their smartphones and tablets, you cannot afford a website that does not adjust to screen size and device.

3. The content of your website does not convert users into clients.

You need text that hooks people and addresses their needs, and that shows how products and services can change their daily lives. Plus, you need someone to deal with SEO and keywords naturally, to enhance content for more traffic.

4. There is no digital marketing strategy behind your website.

People land on your website, but do you have a sales funnel in place that converts them into clients? Is the website’s infrastructure ready to collect their data and their interests so that you can follow-up with marketing messages? Are you ready to support them with blog posts and newsletters?

5. It lacks security (an SSL certificate).

The last thing you want on your website is a caution sign warning potential clients that your site is not secured. Even if you are not collecting sensitive information, security issues should not be neglected. It ruins all the user experience from the very beginning.

Audit your website and if you made any of these mistakes, reach out to us. We will fix issues and build an efficient brand strategy behind your website!