5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

It’s time to leave behind the fear and uncertainty of 2020 and step into 2021 more optimistic. After a year of learning and adapting, we are fully aware of the consumers’ behaviors during the pandemic, and we have the new digital marketing trends settled. Here is a guide of the major trends your business needs to start following now.

1. Local SEO

People searching for businesses in their geographic location to purchase services and products is very relevant for the 2021 marketing strategies. If you are a local business, continuously update your appearance in local results, work with local SEO, and definitely sign up for Google My Business.

2. Position zero in Google searches

In the last years, companies directed their SEO efforts on being listed in the “position number one” spot of Google search results. In 2021, SEO marketing trends prioritize “position zero”, and your business should try to reach it. This refers to Google’s “featured snippet”: the website is located at the top and separated by a small box from the other search results. Thus, your website can get immediate recognition as the “leader” in the matter searched by users.

3. Interactive & easy-to-consume content

To improve your users’ experience on your websites and social media platforms, think about content that entertains and keeps them longer engaged with your brand. Use quizzes, surveys, contests, polls, giveaways, open-ended questions, etc. Also, design content that can be consumed on-the-go, or that lands directly in the subscribers’ inboxes – podcasts, newsletters, bite-sized texts, short video pieces, etc.

4. Overcome ad-blocker trend

In 2021, we also need to learn how to overcome obstacles, such as the fact that 1 in 3 Internet users activates an ad blocker. This means to switch parts of the marketing budget from banner ads or PPC campaigns to influencer marketing and sponsored content. The impact influencers have on the consumers’ purchasing behavior amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the younger audience responds better to influencers than paid ads.

5. Social media

In 2020, social media use increased dramatically, and the trend seems to stay in 2021.
However, influencer marketing and live streams are the most preferred marketing channels on social media platforms. 40% of people say that they bought a product online after an influencer recommended it on social media, such as Youtube, Instagram, or Twitter. Also, reports show that more and more people are tuning into live-streams on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Finally, all marketing strategies should focus on inclusivity because 1 in 3 clients out there are ready to “break up” with their favorite brands if they do not show enough diversity.

Get in touch with us to tailor your marketing strategy to 2021 trends, and let’s grow your digital presence!