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Who They Are

Westone specializes in hearing health care products, offering a wide range of hearing protection devices, assistive listening devices, and audiological supplies. They cater to various sectors including military, industrial, and recreational activities, providing custom molded earplugs and other hearing protection solutions. Their website also features a tool for tracking earpiece orders and a dealer locator.



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The Strategy

Our agency’s strategy for Westone involved crafting a new website with an enhanced e-commerce platform to streamline the customer experience. We prioritized increasing website security to protect user data, simplified the product catalog for easier navigation, and implemented SEO optimizations to improve online visibility.

The Results

The revamped website and e-commerce platform significantly improved the user experience and operational efficiency for Westone. Enhanced security measures increased customer trust, while the simplified product catalog and SEO efforts led to better product discoverability and a boost in website traffic and sales.

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