Replacing a legacy ecommerce system to promote scalable sales growth

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The Challenge

When The Brush Guys changed ownership in late 2019, the new owner knew that the company’s legacy platform was preventing him from taking ambitious steps to grow the business. He approached Runningfish to perform the first major brand overhaul since the business was founded, and to completely rebuild his online storefront to improve his customers’ experience. But with a loyal customer base who appreciate the small-business feel, he didn’t want to lose sight of the company’s customer-centric roots.

Brand Development

After interviewing the client about his values, we iterated on a variety of visual styles to convey an approachable, customer-oriented attitude. We wanted the design to feel fresh but still true to the legacy of the brand so his existing customers would feel right at home.

Logo Development

The logo required the most iteration as a focal point for our rebranding work. We kept the brush motif and script typeface, but canted the logo at an angle to add dynamism and make it feel fresh. Instead of a paint splat, we opted for a palette, which is cleaner but still iconic.

Web Design & Development

We leveraged the mature WooCommerce framework to create a secure, sustainable ecommerce foundation. With so many features available out-of-the-box, we were able to focus on tuning the look and uxer experience of the website to create the most seamless and easy shopping experience we could.