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Who They Are

Sun Diego Wraps is a full-service mobile wrapping company located in San Diego, specializing in paint protection and vinyl wrapping for vehicles. They offer services such as vinyl wraps, commercial wraps, paint protection film, ceramic coating, and commercial printing, catering to both individual and business needs. Their expertise extends to delivering custom and sleek looks for vehicles while protecting the paint from chips, dust, and scratches.



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The Strategy

Runningfish undertook the task of creating a new website for Sun Diego Wraps, coupled with a comprehensive SEO optimization plan. The goal was to enhance the company’s digital presence, making it more accessible and appealing to potential clients in the ship repair and fabrication industry.

The Results

The implementation of a new, optimized website led to a noticeable improvement in Sun Diego Wraps online visibility. This strategic enhancement facilitated an increase in web traffic and customer inquiries, effectively broadening the company’s reach and attracting a larger clientele seeking specialized welding and manufacturing services.

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