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If you’re looking for car wraps in Detroit Metro & Troy, MI, Original Graphic Wraps is the only name you can rely on. They take great pride in their work and are affordable and flexible. When it comes to a vehicle wrap specialist, no one can approach their level of dedication. You can trust them to handle the job.

Original Graphic Wraps can also do custom vinyl wraps for your boat, truck, SUV, or trailer. In addition, they also have color & texture change, carbon fiber & satin & matte, and camouflage options.



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The Strategy

Original Graphic Wraps, an esteemed auto body shop renowned for its unique vehicle customization services, collaborated with our web development agency to enhance its online presence. The goal was to create a dynamic and visually appealing website that reflects the creativity and quality of their work while providing seamless user experience.

Through close collaboration and meticulous attention to detail, our web development agency successfully delivered a visually stunning and user-friendly website for Original Graphic Wraps. The new website serves as a powerful digital platform for the client to showcase their expertise, attract potential customers, and drive business growth in the competitive auto customization industry.

The Results

The collaboration between Original Graphic Wraps and our Runningfish yielded highly positive outcomes. The new website garnered immediate attention, impressing both existing customers and attracting a surge of new visitors. With its visually captivating design and intuitive navigation, the website effectively showcased the intricate craftsmanship and creativity of Original Graphic Wraps’ vehicle customization services. This enhanced online presence not only bolstered the client’s brand reputation but also translated into tangible business results.

The streamlined request-a-quote feature facilitated smoother communication with potential clients, leading to increased inquiries and conversions. Moreover, the implementation of SEO strategies resulted in improved search engine visibility, driving organic traffic to the website and expanding Original Graphic Wraps’ reach within their target market. Overall, the revamped website proved to be a valuable asset in elevating the client’s online presence and driving business growth.

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