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Who They Are

EggHead IT is your complete business, residential, and communication IT and technology support solution.

Egghead IT is a veteran-owned, fully licensed and insured IT and technology consulting service, and an educational resource for our clients. They provide the valley’s leading technology based repairs and education, helping to bridge the gap between their clients and their technology. EggHead IT provides memberships to our residential clients as well as Hosted Phone PBX systems, data recovery and education/tutoring services.



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The Strategy

For Egghead IT, our digital marketing team embarked on a comprehensive strategy to revitalize their online presence and bolster their service capabilities. Central to this strategy was the development of a new, user-centric website aimed at simplifying the customer journey. We upgraded their online platform to ensure smoother transactions and heightened security measures, providing clients with a seamless process for accessing IT solutions. A key focus area was enhancing website security to safeguard client data and foster trust. Additionally, we streamlined the service offerings, making it easier for users to navigate through Egghead IT’s comprehensive range of IT services and solutions. Furthermore, we implemented SEO optimization to enhance visibility in search engine results, ensuring Egghead IT effectively reaches its target audience.

The Results

The digital overhaul of Egghead IT’s online assets resulted in notable enhancements in service delivery. The new website, alongside the upgraded online platform, not only enhanced the client experience but also reinforced security measures, fostering greater confidence among clients. The simplified service catalog facilitated effortless navigation and increased client engagement, leading to a surge in service inquiries and bookings. The SEO improvements yielded tangible results, with enhanced search engine rankings, amplified website traffic, and heightened brand exposure. Overall, these strategic endeavors have positioned Egghead IT as a more competitive and accessible service provider, showcasing a digital presence that authentically mirrors their expertise and reliability in the IT realm.

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