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Delawie, a prominent architecture firm based in San Diego, faced significant challenges with its outdated website that no longer served its purpose or matched the firm’s innovative spirit and architectural excellence. The website’s design and functionality were antiquated, making it nearly impossible for the firm to update content or showcase their projects with the prominence they deserved. Visitors found it difficult to navigate the project archives due to a lack of organization and categorization.

Furthermore, the news section was static and cumbersome to update, the site lacked a FAQ section for common visitor inquiries, and it did not comply with ADA standards, limiting accessibility for users with disabilities. Recognizing these challenges, Delawie sought our expertise to overhaul their digital presence, aiming for a website that was not only aesthetically pleasing and reflective of their architectural prowess but also user-friendly and accessible to all.



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The Strategy

Our strategy for Delawie’s digital makeover focused on enhancing site usability, accessibility, and client autonomy. We redesigned the website to include a user-friendly CMS for easy updates by Delawie, a visually engaging homepage showcasing projects, reorganized project archives for smooth navigation, and a dynamic news section. Additionally, we added an FAQ section for visitor inquiries and ensured ADA compliance to broaden accessibility. This comprehensive approach aimed at a more engaging, manageable, and inclusive digital presence for Delawie.

The Results

The transformation of Delawie’s website significantly boosted its digital presence, aligning with its industry leadership. Enhanced user experience from a modern design, empowered client control via a new CMS, and showcased architectural expertise through a reimagined homepage and structured project archives notably attracted clients and partners. Improved communication through dynamic news and FAQs, alongside broadened accessibility via ADA compliance, underscored Delawie’s commitment to inclusivity and engagement with a wider audience.

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