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Anthony Carts specializes in manufacturing high-quality carts and stands for various purposes, including welding, medical, delivery, and liquid storage. Their product range also includes firewall carts, cages, racks, pallets, cradles, manifold systems, wheels, and casters. These products are designed to meet the standards of OSHA, NFPA, CGA, and ANSI, catering to the gas industry’s needs both nationally and abroad



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The Strategy

Creative Builds partnered with Runningfish for a digital makeover, including a website redesign, SEO optimization, and targeted marketing efforts. We started by analyzing Creative Builds’ digital presence and worked closely with them to create a tailored strategy. This involved revamping their website, optimizing it for search engines, and launching targeted marketing campaigns. Through transparent communication and collaboration, we achieved a successful digital transformation that boosted their online presence and delivered tangible results.

The Results

Following the collaborative efforts between Creative Builds and Runningfish, the results were remarkable. Creative Builds witnessed a significant increase in website traffic, with a notable surge in organic search rankings thanks to the SEO optimization efforts. Moreover, the targeted marketing campaigns led to a substantial rise in qualified leads, ultimately translating into higher conversion rates and increased revenue for the architecture firm. The revamped website not only showcased Creative Builds’ portfolio and services effectively but also provided an enhanced user experience, resulting in improved engagement and client satisfaction. Overall, the strategic approach and meticulous execution led to tangible outcomes, solidifying Creative Builds’ position as a prominent player in the architecture industry.

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