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Who They Are

Catalina Cylinders specializes in the production of high and low-pressure aluminum compressed gas cylinders, offering products for various markets including portable calibration gas, beverage, fire extinguisher, medical, nitrous oxide, SCUBA, and specialty & industrial gas. They emphasize fast turnaround times, custom branding options for cylinders, and have a scrap cylinder recycling program.



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The Strategy

Runningfish initiated a holistic transformation for Catalina Cylinders, focusing on launching a new, user-friendly website and executing a comprehensive rebranding. We developed an international marketing strategy to expand their global reach and managed their store catalog to ensure a seamless product presentation.

The Results

The implementation of our strategies led to a significant enhancement of Catalina Cylinders’ online presence and brand perception. The new website and rebranding efforts resulted in improved customer engagement and expanded international market penetration. The meticulous catalog management facilitated easier access to product information, streamlining the customer’s shopping experience and contributing to an increase in global sales.

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