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The challenge for Bespoke Salon was to update their brand and company name to better reflect their vision and position themselves as a luxury hair salon in a competitive market. They wanted a brand identity that would convey sophistication, elegance, and personalized service to attract their target audience of discerning clients seeking a premium salon experience. The goal was to create a cohesive brand image that would resonate with their existing clientele and attract new clients.



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The Strategy

We focused on a complete website overhaul to modernize the brand’s online presence, coupled with a robust SEO campaign to elevate their visibility in search engine results. We focused on redesigning the website with a fresh, contemporary aesthetic that reflects the salon’s upscale and personalized service approach. Implementing responsive design, we ensured the site delivers an exceptional user experience across all devices. Concurrently, our SEO efforts were tailored to target relevant local keywords, optimizing content to capture the essence of Bespoke’s offerings and attract a broader clientele.

The Results

The successful brand transformation of Bespoke Hair has resulted in an elevated salon experience for their clients and has positively impacted their business. The new brand identity has positioned Bespoke Hair as a luxury hair salon, attracting discerning clients and reinforcing customer loyalty.

The revamped website has improved online visibility, engagement, and lead generation. Our collaboration with Bespoke Hair in updating their brand has been a rewarding journey, and we are proud to have contributed to their success in the competitive salon industry.

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