Streamlining complex ecommerce through UX best practices

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The Challenge

For years, The Lean Machine Meal Prep built its loyal customer base through personal, accessible service. After 5 years, their meal ordering system was starting to become unmaintainable, preventing them from growing and reaching new customers. We polished their brand’s visuals, completely re-worked their website’s customer journey, and streamlined their back-end workflow so they could concentrate on continuing to provide great customer service.

Brand Development

Springboarding off the client’s existing logo and brand colors, we created a visual identity that was personable, clean, and honest.

Information Architecture

We spent extra time determining the customer journey and pre-visualizing the site’s information architecture, store flow, and various ordering options to ensure an intuitive and streamlined experience for customers.

Web Design & Development

We developed a mobile-optimized eCommerce website that includes user accounts, curated and build-your-own meal options, delivery and pickup customization, individual and bulk orders, weekly subscriptions, customer notifications, gift cards, bundle savings, a refer-a-friend system, and more.

UX Development

To facilitate more growth, we streamlined and automated much of the back-end tasks for the website including processing orders, sending discount codes, notifying customers, and calculating weekly food buys. Combined with a cleaner experience for their customers, The Lean Machine is spending less time on recurring menial tasks and more time taking care of their clients.